Treatment for TMJ Disorders

Bruxism is a term used by dentists for grinding teeth especially when sleeping, and it is a common dental problem in both children and adults. In recent years, the numbers having to be treated for Bruxism have increased because people carry more stress from work, school, finances and a wide variety of other reasons. Society has accelerated, and people find they have no place to let go of the emotions they’ve been carrying. The result is that sleep can be interrupted, and Bruxism is a common culprit. The outlet for the stress that is collected all day is grinding your teeth while you sleep at night! Children under 18 can also grind their teeth, but many will outgrow the condition.

Treatment for Bruxism

The treatment for anyone suffering from Bruxism is something that the Houston Dentists at Post Oak specializes in. The real problem is that many who have been grinding their teeth at night don’t realize that they had fallen into this bad habit. There are several signs that you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep, and they all are a result of the wear and tear. Waking up with a headache with mouth or jaw pain, finding chipped or broken teeth, teeth that are flattened out on the edges, worn enamel, extreme sensitivity from the wear, and facial pain or TMJ. If you are experiencing any one or more of these symptoms, contact us for an exam. The treatment for Bruxism is very simple and effective.

It pays to schedule an appointment as soon as possible because the sooner you find out, the sooner you can begin treatment. Restorative dental procedures are extremely conservative for treating excessive teeth grinding, but procrastinating will only cause the symptoms to get worse. Professional correction and procedures are not painful for Bruxism, and typically, the solution is a mouth guard that is individually designed to fit your mouth and reduce the movement of your jaw. This will prevent more damage from occurring.

What to Expect From the Houston Dentists at Post Oak

If you have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, it is recommended that you see us for a custom-fitted night guard. Wearing the guard while you sleep provides many benefits: it will secure your jaw so that additional teeth grinding will be prevented. A guard will protect the tooth enamel from eroding and prevents further damage to the teeth and gums from the unconscious grinding. This treatment is very simple, yet, extremely effective for all ages.

If a bite disorder is found to be the cause of the Bruxism, we will apply appropriate treatment to restore balance to your bite. There is no reason to procrastinate since the treatment is not uncomfortable. Your smile is the first thing people see, and the correct treatment for Bruxism will give you a dazzling smile!